Morphine Trafficking

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Morphine is an opiate obtained from opium found in the poppy plant Papaver somniferum. It is often used for clinical pain relief in patients with advanced cancer, after surgery, or after a major trauma, but it is also used illegally for recreational purposes. It is extremely addictive and can result in intense physical dependence. Street names for morphine include Dreamer, Mister Blue, God's Drug, Morf, Morpho, and First Line. If you are being investigated for morphine trafficking, or if you are charged with trafficking in morphine, opium, or any of their derivatives, you should be aware that the penalti es for morphine trafficking are quite harsh. It is crucial that you call an experienced drug trafficking attorney right away. At Hanlon Law, Tampa morphine trafficking lawyer Will Hanlon may be able to help.

Morphine Trafficking in Florida

Florida charges people with trafficking based on the weight of the illegal drug, rather than the behavior of the accused. You can be charged with morphine trafficking if you knowingly buy, sell, manufacture, deliver, or carry into Florida four grams or more of morphine or any salt, derivative, or salt of an isomer, including heroin. You can also be charged if you were knowingly in actual or constructive possession of four grams of morphine or any mixture that contains morphine. Assuming that you have between four grams and 30 kg of morphine, you can be charged with a felony in the first degree.

Judges do not have the discretion to sentence you to less than the mandatory minimum for morphine trafficking, based on the weight of the morphine involved. This makes it especially crucial to retain a morphine trafficking attorney in the Tampa area who understands the nuances of morphine trafficking law and the defenses that may be available to you.

Morphine Mandatory Minimum Sentences

In order to secure a conviction for morphine trafficking, the prosecutor will need to show beyond a reasonable doubt that you knowingly sold, bought, delivered, manufactured, or brought into the state morphine, the morphine qualified as a controlled substance, and the controlled substance weighed more than the threshold amount for the drug.

Amount of MorphineImprisonmentFine
4 - 14 grams3 year minimum$50,000
14 - 28 grams15 years minimum$100,000
28 grams - 30 kg25 years minimum$500,000

If you are in actual or constructive possession, or you buy, sell, manufacture, deliver, or carry into Florida 30 kg or more of morphine or a morphine-containing substance, you can face the possibility of being convicted of a first-degree felony that is punishable by life imprisonment. The judge will not consider you eligible for discretionary early release except if you were pardoned, received executive clemency, or received a conditional medical release. If a death results in connection with the morphine trafficking charge, the consequences are even graver.

However, if you are charged, a conviction is not a certainty. In some cases, the police may make mistakes when following procedures or violate your constitutional rights. In these cases, it may be possible to get evidence suppressed. For example, you are afforded a Fifth Amendment right not to be a witness against yourself. You are supposed to be given what is known as a Miranda warning, but if the police do not provide you with that warning, this is a violation of your rights that can result in a confession or admission that you made being suppressed. Since the prosecution must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, a high standard, it can make a huge difference to the outcome to have a vital piece of evidence suppressed. There may be other options as well, such as offering substantial assistance or arguing entrapment.

Consult an Experienced Morphine Trafficking Lawyer in the Tampa Region

Each case is different, and it is crucial to talk to a skillful drug crime attorney before answering police questions related to morphine trafficking. Will Hanlon has been defending the accused since 1994, and he is committed to providing knowledgeable and personalized attention to his clients' cases. You can call Hanlon Law at 813-228-7095 or use our online form if you want to discuss your case with a Tampa morphine trafficking attorney.