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White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime Defense Lawyer

White-collar crime doesn’t require guns, knives, or even fists, and the white collar criminal won’t be wearing a ski mask—a three piece suit is more likely attire. White collar crime is nonviolent, usually committed by people of reasonably high socio-economic status, and motivated by greed. It usually occurs in business, financial, and government settings, and includes embezzlement, forgery, corporate crimes, fraud, bribery, identity theft, industrial espionage, internet crimes, theft of intellectual property, money laundering, Ponzi schemes, and securities violations. Although it does not leave broken bodies in its wake, white collar crime can leave a trail of broken lives of those it has ruined financially. These crimes take extensive investigation due to their complexion, and being charged with this crime can have devastating effects. However, a Tampa white collar crimes lawyer has great insight on these matters and can assist you during a legal battle.

The Cost of White Collar Crime

Annual losses from the preceding white-collar crimes are estimated at $426 billion to $1.7 trillion according to an article published by the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS).

White collar crime is often well-planned, designed and carried out by highly educated professionals, and difficult to detect. It can also be difficult to determine exactly who is responsible for it. Complex and confusing financial transactions and accounting manipulations may keep it under cover for years (remember the Enron scandal?). It is often so complex as to require sophisticated auditors and forensic accountants to uncover it and trace it to its source, and it may be extremely difficult to separate the innocent from the guilty. An employee of a company that is defrauding or engaging in illegal practices may be inadvertently contributing to the crime, without even realizing it.

Consequences of a White Collar Crime Conviction

If you are convicted of a white collar crime, you face a potential prison sentence, probation, fines, payment of restitution, and community service. You risk losing lose your reputation, your job, your future employment prospects, and your professional license. You may have worked very hard for many years to achieve your position, only to find yourself at risk of losing it all.

If you have been accused of a white collar crime, you may be seeing everything you’ve worked for disappear before your eyes. But there is help available. Don’t assume that all is lost, because with the expert representation of a highly skilled Tampa white collar crimes lawyer, you may be able to beat the charges and pick up the pieces of your life.

White Collar Legal Advocacy in the Tampa Bay Area

In the Tampa Bay area, if you have been questioned about any type of impropriety related to your employment or financial activities, you should immediately call the offices Hanlon Law. Will has been successfully representing Floridians accused of white collar and other crimes for more than 20 years, and he knows his business. He not only has decades of criminal defense experience, he has access to the professionals—particularly forensic accountants—who will be able to provide expert analysis and testimony in your defense. He is widely respected by judges, prosecutors, and clients whose freedom and livelihood he has saved through his passionate and aggressive advocacy. He will identify the best possible defense considering the circumstances surrounding the accusation and will work tirelessly to prepare and present your case in the best light, with an eye to dismissing the charges, dropping the charges, or acquitting you at trial. Will understands how much you have at stake, and will use every legal means to protect your constitutional rights and prevent the potential life-shattering consequences that a conviction may bring.

White collar cases generally require extensive investigation, so don’t wait to call the Hanlon Law Offices. Even if you’ve only been questioned and not arrested, you should have your attorney with you whenever you’re approached by law enforcement. So make that call now for the best shot at a favorable outcome.

Client Reviews
I retained Mr. Hanlon for two cases... He handled both cases very quickly and without me present. The end result was all three charges on two separate cases were dismissed. I couldn't be more pleased with the service I received from Mr. Hanlon.
- Ashley
Excellent attorney! Will handled my petty theft case with the utmost professionalism and kept me informed of my options and choices every step of the way. The evidence was highly circumstantial and predatory, but luckily the whole case was null processed. I highly recommend Will because of his expertise and knowledge.
- Criminal Defense Client
Mr. Hanlon was extremely professional in handling my DUI case. His office was very helpful in answering all my questions. I was so pleased when he reduced my charge from a DUI to Reckless Driving. It was a weight off my shoulders. I would highly recommend him for any DUI case based on his high success rate in reducing the charges. Thanks again Mr. Hanlon.
- Steve