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New Stand-Your-Ground Law at Issue in Tampa Murder Trial

by Hanlon Law

The Florida legislature recently passed an expanded version of Florida Statute section 776.032, or as it’s more commonly known, the Florida stand-your-ground law. The revised law shifts the burden of proof from the defendant, asserting the stand-your-ground defense, to the prosecution. Specifically, when a defendant raises a stand-your-ground defense, the prosecution is required to rebut the...

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Posted in: Defenses, Violent Crime

Florida Court Rules that Liquid By-Product Counts in Meth Trafficking Case

by Hanlon Law

It’s well-established that the quantity of a controlled substance affects the sentencing of a person accused of a Florida drug crime. For instance, Florida Statute Section 893.135(1)(f) establishes tiers of increasingly severe minimum sentences and fines for meth trafficking, based on the quantity of meth discovered. In a recent Florida court decision, the defendant was convicted under...

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Posted in: Drug Trafficking, Meth

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