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Gamma-butyrolactone is known as GBL, or sometimes “coma in a bottle.” Its original purpose was as a pain stripper, but it is used recreationally and illegally to produce a high. It also produces violent spasms and is fairly dangerous — it is easy to overdose on GBL. Gamma-butyrolactone trafficking is illegal in Florida. At Hanlon Law, Tampa GBL trafficking lawyer Will Hanlon understands how serious accusations and charges of trafficking are, and he works hard to provide a strong defense to his clients. The earlier that a drug trafficking lawyer gets involved in your case, the greater is the likelihood that you can protect your future.


In the media, drug trafficking is portrayed as the work of armed drug dealers and career criminals. However, in Florida, you do not need to have a large distribution network to be accused of drug trafficking. Trafficking charges are brought when the weight of the drug involved goes over a specific set threshold. Each drug has its own statutory limits, and there are statutorily specified penalties associated with going over the limits.

Florida requires judges to impose mandatory minimum sentences of imprisonment and fines when someone is convicted of GBL trafficking. Unlike some other types of drug charges, the judge does not have discretion to depart from the mandatory minimum sentence based on mitigating factors associated with your case. In addition to a mandatory minimum sentence, there is also the possibility that the government will seize a home, car, or cash that police officers believe is connected to the trafficking.

Under Florida Statute section 893.135(1)(i), you can be convicted of GBL trafficking if you actually or constructively possess, buy, sell, make, deliver, or import into Florida 1 kg or more of GBL or any mixture that contains it. This is a felony in the first degree, so consulting a GBL trafficking attorney in the Tampa area is essential to protect your rights.

Amount of GBLImprisonmentFine
1 kg – 5 kg3 year minimum$50,000
5 kg – 10 kg7 year minimum$100,000
10 kg or more15 calendar years minimum$250,000

If you knowingly make or import 150 kg or more of GBL, or a mixture containing it, and you know that the probable result of that would be the death of someone, you can be charged with capital importation or manufacturing of GBL. This is a capital felony punishable by life imprisonment without eligibility for parole or by death. If you are sentenced for a capital felony, you will also need to pay the maximum fine set forth.

It can be intimidating to be charged with drug trafficking. However, you have rights, and an experienced and knowledgeable criminal attorney can look at the details of your case to determine whether there are weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, such as insufficient evidence, and whether your constitutional and other procedural rights were violated.

For example, you have the right to be free from illegal searches and seizures. This means that the police must have probable cause to obtain a search warrant, and they should have a search warrant to search your home. When a search warrant was not obtained or was not properly obtained, it may be possible to get any evidence from the search suppressed. Similarly, if the police stop you in a traffic stop, they must have a reasonable suspicion that you have committed a crime, are in the process of committing a crime, or are about to commit a crime. If the police lack this reasonable suspicion, it may be possible to get evidence obtained from the stop suppressed.


In Florida, gamma-butyrolactone trafficking is a crime that is taken quite seriously. Representation by an experienced drug crime attorney can make a difference to the outcome of your case. Our founder, Will Hanlon, is committed to defending the rights of the accused. He has represented criminal defendants since 1994 and is well versed in all available defense strategies. Call Hanlon Law at 813-228-7095 or use our online form to set up an appointment with a Tampa GBL trafficking attorney.