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At Hanlon Law, we believe our years of experience and our foresight are the foundation of our superior criminal defense. Moreover we are a law firm which takes pride in our personal attention to our clients. Any Criminal Law and Injunction case is arduous yet a negotiable process with the right attorney; it is a process for which you will need help. Hanlon Law has the knowledge and the resources to get timely results our clients need to protect their future. Our site was built with the purpose to save you time and money when seeking legal assistance.

Will Hanlon, the founder of Hanlon Law, has been representing the accused since 1994. He always has been dedicated to the rights of the accused, working vigorously and efficiently to win a dismissal, a reduction in charges or an acquittal — all while providing attentive counsel to you . He has over fifteen years of criminal defense experience. Active in the Florida State Bar Associations, he understands the unique challenges a person accused with a variety of criminal charges comes with; he also knows the forces which confront our clients in the local courts.

We hope that you can tell the importance that we place on your understanding the complexities of the criminal justice system. We work closely with our clients, because we believe that a full understanding of each client is necessary to get the best possible results.

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